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Solotel is a leading hospitality group that is made up of a passionate team of industry leaders. Our innovative team focuses on delivering unique and memorable experiences to every customer. We have taken the hospitality industry to new heights by nurturing and creating world class venues in Sydney & Brisbane.


At Solotel, we have made it our mission to provide honest pubs & restaurants that are fun, vibrant, friendly and safe environments for our local community to experience & enjoy. We not only offer varied styles of venues but we are committed to building a diverse workplace culture that represents authenticity and diversity. 

With over 35 years of experience & over 25 venues, Solotel continues to create amazing experiences that connect and bring people together from all areas of life. 

24 Hour Party

Saturday 15 May

24 Hour Party

It's been a whole year of restrictions, a whole year of no dancing. WELL, dancing is back and we are here to celebrate with an epic 24 hour party with more than 80 acts performing with over 170 hours of entertainment. It's time to dance!