At Solotel, we care for our people and support an overall approach to physical and mental wellbeing. Our initiatives give our people the tools and skillset to manage their wellbeing and strengthen their resilience to enable growth and better improve their overall experience at Solotel.

Caring For Our People



Solotel partners with the Centre For Corporate Health (CFCH), supporting an overall approach to physical and mental wellbeing.

Solotel works with the CFCH to deliver awareness training, bespoke seminars and workshops to ensure we are giving our people the tools and skillset to manage the wellbeing of themselves and their teams.

Resilience Box


Your home for everything wellbeing. The Resilience Box® is where you can strengthen your resilience through personalised online learning modules, engage with leading-edge health and wellbeing content including videos, podcasts and factsheets, and make coaching and counselling appointments for you or your immediate family members.

It provides you with the tools to navigate challenges and improve your mental health no matter what life throws at you.

If you need support at this time, you can contact EAP on: 1800 959 956

Tell Us Anything


At Solotel, we are all about cultivating creativity, and better understanding what our staff want. As a result, we have set up an online portal which allows you to provide feedback and suggestions to better improve your experience at Solotel.

We know that this is created from the ground up and understand that our people are our business. Your voice matters.

We hope you can always reach out to your team leader or the exec through an open door, but we recognise there are times where it is useful to continue the conversation anonymously. If you need to reach out for support and advice, provide us with suggestions or would like to discuss issues with the assurance of privacy, please Tell Us Anything by clicking the link below.



To support you and your financial wellbeing, Humanforce Thrive (formerly Wagestream) gives you the freedom to: 


  • Access up to 50% of your pay after a shift 

  • Track your earnings in real-time 

  • Grow your savings easily - set up auto-contributions directly from your pay

  • Get cashback from everyday purchases with Thrive Perks


As soon as your shift is marked as approved in Tanda by your manager, 50% of your wages will be available in the Humanforce Thrive App! You can also check your financial fitness and get a personalised plan to support you in managing money and achieving your financial goals. 


To get started, download the Human Force Thrive app and enter “Solotel” as your employer.


The Humanforce Thrive support team is available to help you with any queries, comments or feedback you may have via email or check out their FAQs

Katie Reeves, CFCH  


"At the Centre for Corporate Health, we are proud have partnered with Solotel since 2017.  Over the past five years of our partnership, it has been clear to me how much Solotel value and look after their employees. Their genuine care factor is evident and mental health is prioritised within the organisation. 
Employee wellbeing is always at the forefront of our partnership strategy. There is a consistent focus on developing new and exciting ways to remain as industry leaders in employee wellbeing support."