Hospo Is In Our Blood!



Founded in 1986 by Bruce Solomon, Solotel is a family of venues where we are community-minded, creatively cutting edge and promote individuality. From front of house to the kitchen, we live our values of enabling growth, creating unity, and cultivating creativity to continue providing our customers with diverse experiences, evolving within our communities, and creating the future of hospitality. 


Currently 26 venues strong and growing, come create with us and join the family, as we continue to be facilitators of cultural and social change by sharing and giving life to new ideas. 


Upon joining the Solotel family, through the Solotel Induction Program, you will immediately be treated as the newest member of our family. You will learn your way around your new home as if it’s your own. 

Deeper connections

Solotel aims to continuously foster deeper connections between people from all walks of life. Hospitality is in our blood. It’s our family history, and we see you as a big part of that. 

Great Perks!



Further to that, whilst you show off your new family to your other family and friends, Solotel staff are rewarded with a range of extensive benefits, including, but not limited to 50% discounts in all venues, a variety of salary sacrifice options, a well-being program, and plenty more discounts across a range of big-name brands.


Come entertain with us. Come host with us. Solotel, a family of venues.

Andrew Dallas, General Manager Golden Sheaf 


I started my Solotel journey in December 2019 at the Sackville Hotel. Prior to commencing my employment with Solotel I had heard throughout our industry about the inclusiveness of the company and the family ideals they promote.  


It was a pleasant surprise to see that this wasn’t all talk. My first two days consisted of being introduced to all the many different department heads and their roles with the greater business. More importantly however, they shared how they could best support and work with me to achieve my personal goals and elevate the business I would be running.  


Following on from this, within my first fortnight with the Company I was invited to lunch with the CEO. We sat down, got to know each other and discussed my initial experience and insights into the company and the business I was running.