About Solotel Group



Founded in 1986 by Director Bruce Solomon and now joined by his children Anna and Elliot, Solotel has taken the hospitality industry to new heights by nurturing and creating world class venues, while retaining a committed focus on our customers’ experience. We pride ourselves on creating venues that offer a sense of belonging and play an important role in the communities they live within.

We not only offer varied styles of venues but support and welcome eclectic and vibrant staff through our commitment to diversity and authenticity.

Our business is based on the Australian passion for experience and culture. Namely, a dynamic restaurant, pub, bar, bistro and events culture. Our story is about many details that add up to one authentic experience for the 5 million customers we serve every year. 

We are proud to operate Matt Moran's award-winning restaurants within the Solotel group, including Aria Sydney, Chiswick and North Bondi Fish. 

Anna and Elliot continue to embrace the company values it has held since opening its doors more than thirty years ago through driving belonging, authenticity and diversity across all our venues.