Developing Our Leaders



Our Leadership programs invite both current and future leaders that focus on leading "myself", "my team" and "my business". The core elements are leadership style, business and change management.   


We strive to create opportunities and career progression.


Solotel provides opportunities to consistently grow and develop, by empowering its managers to lead their teams, build trust and create a positive culture.   


You can establish your own ‘leadership style’, which is to encourage diversity of thought and individuality.


Our Creative Series is designed to enhance product knowledge, understanding of current trends and give our employees the opportunity to explore their creativity in a fun and inspiring environment. Come learn, grow and create with us. 




Ben Stephens, COO Solotel  


I started my 20 year career in Solotel as a Trainee Manager at the Albion Hotel, Parramatta. During my early years I worked across multiple venues (one year I counted 8 different places!) and learnt not only the ‘Solotel way’ but also how to engage with a diverse range of guests and their expectations. I took every opportunity to try something different and ensure I was always growing my knowledge. From this I created a base of expertise that sticks with me today. I went on to be a venue manager across a number of venues of varying sizes and demographics.  


When I was given the opportunity to step into an Operations role in head office the head office team consisted of only 8 people and as an Operations manager I did Ops, HR, Marketing and finance roles all in my day to day. As Solotel grew I also had the opportunity to grow and have been lucky enough to be involved in creating the current structure of the business. 


In my role as COO the most rewarding piece is being a part of creating great experiences and learning from the broader teams both in head office and venues. Keeping connected to the guests that come into the venues is vital to ensure business success and ongoing growth.