Erko Hotel and Yulli's beer collab 


When mates brew beer


The Erko had the pleasure of teaming up with local legends and beer stalwarts Yulli’s Brews in a collaboration which brought about the Erko’s very own signature beer. Thus began a collusion of two great minds, both the Erko & Yulli’s team, on a mission to brew a delicious, golden pilsner that would beat the Aussie heat; a beverage that would refresh and zing the tastebuds of many thirsty punters all around the Inner West area in the thick of the Aussie summer.


Inspired by sunny Sunday arvo sessions, the beer is distinctly Erko, bursting with Australian character & ingredients such as finger limes from Northern NSW & lemon myrtle from Septimus Street right here in Erskineville. The end result was a Pilsner with a refreshing, zingy twist, which landed just in time for the Aussie Summer – how bloody good!


A squad of the Erko staff came along to Yulli’s HQ to get in on the action, all the while learning a thing or two from Yulli’s head brewmaster Tom. The Yulli’s team also features two old & beloved Erko staff members, Davey & Gus, who were more than happy to lend a hand with the taste testing.


The beer, named ‘Uncle Gus’ Finger Lime Pilsner’ was named after one of the Erko’s most beloved barmen – because who doesn’t love having a beer with a mate? The beer sold like hot-cakes, and before you could say ‘Jeeze it’s hot I’d love a beer’, the taps had already run dry. Will we see it make a comeback? Keep your eyes peeled this coming summer.