Meat Selection



Learn from our chef's and producers 



We are passionate about produce and work closely with our farmers to ensure we always serve the best quality meats and cheeses.  From the famous Japanese burgers at Goros to the meat Smoked at the Erko, our Chef’s pride themselves on knowing the history of the produce served on our menus. 

Here you will find the tips on selecting meat and all meet some of the amazing farmers we work closely with.  

What is dry aging?

Ever wondered what dry aged beef is, the Chophouse steak school explains why dry-aged beef is so delicious.

What are Meat Marble Scores?

 What exactly is an ‘MBS’, and what does it tell you about the taste, texture and quality of the beef that’s you see on the menu? 

Joel Visits Pecora Dairy

Join Aria’s Executive Chef Joel Bickford on his visit to Pecora Dairy in beautiful Robertson, the Green Heart of the Southern Highlands.