Our snack menus showcase our nearest and dearest suppliers and farmers as we celebrate their unwavering dedication to quality produce.


Matt Moran is a pioneer of paddock-to-plate dining as a fourth-generation farmer, and quality local produce is at the heart of his culinary creations. This philosophy carries across every dish at every venue, and wouldn't be possible without the help of our chefs and suppliers.


We love connecting the families behind our produce to our teams and to our diners, and what better way to do this than bring everyone together to say hello to a new season at our restaurants and our community Spring Market, which we held on Sun 17 Sept.

CDJ Vela

CDJ Farms is a family-run business by farmers passionate about the freshest and best quality vegetables.

Through the zucchini flower’s journey, we see how fresh produce is both flavourful and beautiful in its natural form. In each venue’s take on the zucchini flower, you’ll taste the enhancing signature of each head chef’s cooking, combined with Matt Moran’s passion for local produce.

You'll be able to taste CDJ Vela Farm's zucchini flowers throughout our restaurants' snack menus.

Moran Family Farm

We are a picturesque regenerative 1000-acre farm in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, using ethical and sustainable farming methods to produce grass-fed beef and lamb and free-range pork. Matt is a true fourth generation farmer, with a rural upbringing on a classic Aussie dairy farm. He now owns and runs Moran Family Farm with his farm manger Brendan, which supplies beef, lamb and pork to his restaurants.

Two Providores

Two Providores exclusively sources local, Australian artisanal produce, with a particular emphasis on endorsing producers committed to sustainable, ethical, and environmentally conscious farming and production methods. The range encompasses regionally crafted cheese, charcuterie, and complementary items, and a profound commitment to excellence and quality.


Sonoma offers a diverse selection of artisanal baked products, spanning from classic sourdough loaves to irresistible pastries, all crafted locally. Made from a combination of sustainably milled flours, derived exclusively from grains bearing sustainable certifications, acquired from farmers dedicated to soil well-being. Sonoma’s farmers employ practices that prioritise soil enhancement and solely rely on natural inputs, resulting in an enduring ecological equilibrium for the cultivated land. Additional ingredients are procured from neighboring farmers and producers, underscoring their commitment to supporting local.

Pepe Saya

Pepe Saya’s artisanal butter is meticulously crafted from cream sourced from a local single origin. The process begins with the creation of crème fraiche, which is then skillfully churned into butter, yielding a valuable byproduct – buttermilk. Championing resource efficiency, they ensure that none of the ingredients go to waste, selling not only the butter itself but also the crème fraiche and buttermilk derived from their butter-making process.


Since 1954, PARISI has been revolutionising fresh produce. With a rich legacy of excellence, PARISI thrives as a versatile enterprise spanning wholesale, e-commerce, logistics, gifts, catering, and sustainable farming. By fostering close partnerships with local growers, PARISI ensures top-tier service and distinctive product offerings, and now proudly presents a special spring collection that mirrors the seasonal delights featured in Matt Moran's menus.

Crumpets by Merna

Merna's passion for cooking in Sydney's top restaurants led to the creation of Crumpets by Merna, where artisanal sourdough crumpets are made using locally sourced ingredients like Pepe Saya Buttermilk, Australian wholemeal flour, blueberries, and Olsson's sea salt. These small-batch fermented delights are a weekly delight at Carriageworks Farmers Markets, available for nationwide delivery, and are embraced by numerous cafes, restaurants, hotels, and airlines across Australia. 

Lot.X Wines

Sommeliers at Solotel, a family-owned hospitality group, have ventured into winemaking, collaborating with top boutique wineries such as L.A.S Vino, Alpha Box & Dice, and Ravensworth to introduce an exclusive range of limited-edition wines. Spearheaded by Master of Wine and Solotel’s Group Beverage Manager, Annette Lacey, this innovative initiative tasked the sommeliers with crafting wines from interesting blends or varietals in classic regions with renowned producers. The resulting collection is now available at Solotel venues including Aria, Chiswick, Chophouse, North Bondi Fish, and Opera Bar, as well as select Solotel bottle shops. With offerings like an elegant Fiano, a vibrant Grenache, and even unconventional blends like meunier, dolcetto, and muscat, this collaboration brings a unique twist to the world of winemaking.

Pete Hatfield

With a lifelong affinity for plants, Peter Hatfield boasts a four-decade journey in the horticultural field. His career embarked at age 16 as an apprentice greenskeeper, evolving into a horticultural expert after earning his Certificate in 1984 and working alongside native plant specialist Jim Shawyer. In 1987, he established Prohort Horticultural, focusing on premium garden maintenance and landscape design, later transitioning to become the head gardener at Chiswick, where he masterfully cultivated a flourishing kitchen garden that directly supplies the restaurant's chefs with freshly harvested produce daily.

Chandon Garden Spritz

Ready to serve, ready to share, the Garden Spritz is a blend of exceptional sparkling wine and a unique bitters recipe. Specially crafted with navel and blood oranges and macerated with dried orange peels, herbs and spices that are carefully selected from the finest terroirs in the world.