Partnered with the Best Bars and Restaurants



With such a diverse range of pubs, bars and restaurants we have the opportunity for creative, interesting and downright fun collaborations.


From beer brewers and candle creators to salami makers, we love coming together with different producers and creators to make something special for you to experience.


Check out some of our recent collabs.

The Erko & Yulli’s Brews

We recently got hands on and collaborated with our mates at Yulli's to make a special brew for the Erko in Newtown, resulting in a one of a kind brew called Uncle Gus’ Finger Lime Pilsner.

Chiswick Woollahra + Hunter Candles Collab

In collaboration with Hunter Candles, we have created our limited edition Native Honey Bee and Thyme candle. The taste of our bountiful native bees’ honey is influenced by the lush thyme which is abundantly growing around their hive. 

Aria X Amaru Dinner

See what happened when Executive chef Joel Bickford invited Clinton McIver, owner and chef of Amaru, located in Melbourne, into the Aria kitchen for one sell out night only. Guests enjoy an eight-course menu that highlighted the Australian produce that is at the heart of both restaurants.